5 Tips Successful open house

5 Tips Successful open house

Your successful online listing will lead to people viewing your house in person – Be well prepared

There is more to a successful open home than advertising the event and be present on the day. The following 5 Tips will help you to be prepared for organising your first open home.

Tip 1  Create space

The most powerful attribute when selling a house is its size. While you can only influence the actual floor space with a rather expensive extension, there is a lot you can do to make the property seem more spacious and welcoming.

Clean, declutter and unpersonalize

Make your home look spotless by cleaning every inch, getting rid of as much clutter as possible and put away your personal memories or family pictures to avoid distraction. Well lighted rooms with a minimum of furniture and decoration look more spacious.

Stage each room individually

The amount of rooms is one of the most important selling features so you want to make sure buyers remember every room in your house. Therefore it is important to stage each room for a certain purpose rather than just have some rooms empty or used as storage.

Tip 2  Update and optimize

Small improvements influence the overall impression a lot. Go from room to room and look at it from a buyer’s perspective. Don’t forget the street view and garden and make sure your potential buyers get a good feeling when looking at your house.

Fix and repair what you can

Are there any cracks in the wall that could be filled, walls that could do with a fresh paint, light bulbs or switches that need replacing? Whatever can be fixed with a minimum of effort will add value to your property.

Replace and add attributes

Are there old rugs, heavy curtains or out of fashion lamps that you could replace? Consider getting new duvet covers for the bedrooms and if you don’t have any yet, add some pot plants in all the rooms. If one of the rooms look small, a big mirror on the wall can make it seem much bigger. Additionally you can place a bunch of flowers or a fruit bowl on the table.

Tip 3  Define timing and strategy

Beside the physical preparation of your house you want to be ready for the viewing yourself. Prepare a list of advantages you want to highlight and think of answers for the most likely questions. You want to come across friendly, approachable and professional.

Choose the right day and time

If you are planning multiple viewings, choose different weekdays to be available to more potential buyers. When deciding about the ideal time in the day, be aware when it is most quiet in your neighbourhood, consider traffic if you are situated on a main road or close to a highway. Further it is advised to choose a time with optimal sunlight lighten up your property.

Be comfortable with your selling strategy

Make sure you are well prepared for the potential questions and comfortable to advertise the advantages of your property. Decide in advance if you want to negotiate the price at the viewing or prefer the buyers to contact you afterwards.

Tip 4  Build a feel home ambiance

You want your visitors to feel welcome and comfortable and make it possible for them to imagine themselves living in the house. If they stay around longer it also gives you more time to make a good impression and to get to know each other to be able to approach them with a personal message afterwards.

Room temperature, light and scents

Set the temperature to one or two degree warmer (in winter) or colder (in summer) than usually to avoid having to turn on the noisy AC while the buyers are present. Avoid using too much air freshener or scented candles, as some people are allergic. Open the windows if possible and boil some cinnamon water or heat the oven with some vanilla essence on baking paper instead. Light the fire if you have a fireplace (even in summer), turn on every light, open all the curtains and put on some soft background music.

Provide food to make buyers stick around

Especially if you decide to bake cookies prior to the viewing to create a nice smell, make sure you provide some food to not disappoint the buyers. Offering finger sandwiches, cookies, softdrinks, water or desserts prevents buyers from leaving too quickly, it gives you the chance for smalltalk and is a nice gesture they will appreciate especially if they are having more viewings the same day.

Tip 5  Connect with the buyers

Having the potential buyers come to your place gives you the chance to get in touch with them personally. This contact is extremely valuable, and you want to make the most out of it.

Get the buyers details and provide information for them to take home

Greet the buyers at the door and collect their details. Provide them with a flyer including the most important attributes about the house. This will guide them through the viewing and make sure they don’t forget your details should they be looking at more than one property. Make sure you include your contact details on the flyer.

Don’t follow the buyers around but stay in reach

Buyers like to move through the house freely and discuss privately. Don’t put pressure on them by following them from room to room. Talk about everything you want them to know at the beginning and make sure you stay available for potential questions.

Hopefully these tips will help you to organise a successful open home and to sell your house to the right buyer.

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