Can you subdivide?

Can you subdivide?

Recent statistics suggest building a new house is better financially than buying a new house – because the finished product is in high demand and attracts a premium. For this reason there are thousands of people looking to secure a piece of dirt to build their home. The problem is, that aside from new subdivisions there is a shortage of land where people want it – and no easy way to find it.

Do you have a large property? Would you subdivide if the right buyer came along and offered to assist with the subdivision costs?

Take a look at google maps, you’ll soon see – if there are land parcels next to your property that are half the size, there’s a very high chance you can subdivide – even in dense housing areas.

If you think you can subdivide – why not list the possibility with so the buyers our there can reach you and have the discussion? That’s what we do – connect willing buyers with willing sellers…

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    Subdivide 22 Morrison Grove Stokes Valley Lower Hutt


      Hi James, please click this link to create yourself a new property listing:

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